by   E T I E N N E   L   S M I T


 . . . the return of the Messiah            


Quotes Excellent! Four and a half stars out of five. Truly enjoyed this book. I have been a student of shamanism for many years and could certainly relate to Mr. Smit's experiences. Writing style is a bit different but easy to read and easy to understand. If you are new to shamanism or have been around the block a few times, you'll still find this book most interesting. Quotes
Christine Rivett

Quotes This one you've absolutely got to read! An important book for everybody. I rate it at a full five stars. This book will blow your mind. This is the information of our time that MUST BE SHARED right now! The most up-to-date explanation about what's actually happening on our planet right now, bound into an exciting true life adventure. It will silence all controversy about the end of the world predictions and really put you into the picture so that you can get perspective for yourself. Every thinking person needs to read this book. An honest account that will hold your attention to the end and change the way you think forever. Essential and compelling reading for everybody right now!!! February 6, 2013 Quotes
Andrew Miller

Quotes A world class story. International feature film material. Quotes
TV Producer

Quotes I love your writing! Like a cross between the 'PROPHET' by Khalil Gibran & 'INDIANA JONES'. I don't want it to stop but can't put it down. Quotes
Y Von Hagen

Quotes This book is a masterpiece! It has been the most inspirational I have ever read. It has changed my life. Quotes
J Bruckmann

Quotes What a book! It's kept me up into the wee hours for too many nights. Can't put it down. Quotes
L Jones

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