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The emergence of symbols

Posted by Etienne Smit on March 3, 2013 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (1)


The cross in the circle is a universal symbol, mankind’s oldest and most venerated symbol, dating back to the Palaeolithic era between 2,5million to 20,000 years ago.

 It is the earliest recorded symbol of Man, found in petroglyphs – rock engravings– throughout the world, and common to all the oldest cultures; the cultures of the so-called 'first people'.

In all these ancient cultures, this symbol denotes the union of heaven and earth – heaven manifesting on earth. The circle equals ultimate wholeness of the psyche, of which the subconscious is just as much part of the conscious.

 It is the cosmic symbol par excellence.

 Scientists have extensively explored virtually every square inch of our planet, and then the far reaches of outer space, and in all this, merely scratched the surface. We have extensively explored matter, becoming increasingly sophisticated in our ability to discover ever-smaller particles, and still infinity stretches out ahead.

Yet none of this searching has led man to a happier and more fulfilled life. How many have explored inner space, which is infinitely more vast, and infinitely more fascinating and rewarding – an endeavour that produces infinite happiness?

We humans are capable of achieving unlimited expansion of our consciousness to the point of attaining the ultimate experience –apotheosis – the limitless expansion of man whereby he becomes God, otherwise known as enlightenment.  It is the only experience of lasting value, and hence, worth striving for.

This book is the story of a roller-coaster journey that took me on an astonishing, mind boggling crazy adventure of discovery. Meeting the Yeti in quite an horrific encounter one terrifying night resulted in me becoming initiated as a Shaman, whether I liked it or not, for that privilege – though many call it a curse – is not within our grasp. That decision is made by the Spirit People.

As a result of the expansion of consciousness that accompanies the appearance of symbols such as these that occur during dreaming, Shamans are able to develop the ability to experience the many different increasingly refined levels of consciousness behind what we experience as reality.

Encountering symbols and the accompanying expansion of consciousness that these generate led me ever deeper within my unconsciousness to the most astounding discoveries. Practising meditation during that time confirmed that I was on the most amazing journey of my life.

There were also life threatening malevolent forces at work that presented themselves when I least expected it, and left me reeling, or else put me in hospital. These, as well as a near death experience graphically brought home the reality that there is more to life than meets the eye, and that life does not end in death. Then there was the disastrous relationship with Princess Yum-yum, the God man in India, and like a torrent washing downhill through the gulleys and precipices of discovery, led me to the point where I finally found this symbol.

Exposing my psyche to the symbolism precipitated the development of an unprecedented transformation of my consciousness, which ultimately led to a great spiritual awakening.

The stone is the highest and most frequent symbol of the Self …and mythical symbols are the ‘tools of the gods’.

It’s a story with an astonishing ending.

Another equally ancient symbol is the symbol for God and takes the shape of a few concentric circles surrounding a dot. This ancient symbol is said to be the oldest symbol for God known to man, and is found amongst cave art almost all over the world, dating back to the days that man was at his most primitive.

There’s one fascinating though little-known feature about this symbol.

When you take a steel plate and scatter fine sand on it randomly, and apply sound to it, the sand rearranges itself from the vibrations of the sound, producing various patterns which are determined by the type of sound – even to the extent of sometimes producing a mandala– a complex geometric pattern such as those employed at various times by various religious groups such as the Tibetan and Indian Hindu monks during certain rituals.

Taking a flat disc of metal about half an inch thick, and randomly scattering sand on it, when you hit it with a wooden mallet, the sand rearranges itself into a perfect square cross within a circle.  Sound affects physical matter and it has the quality of creating geometric patterns according to Ernst Chladni (1787).

The word OM is the Sanskrit name for God. When the word OM is sounded onto a steel plate in this manner, the pattern it produces is that of a few concentric circles with a dot in the centre.

Now how on God’s sweet earth did this come to be so?  Primitive man had no technology that enabled him to know this, so how did these two symbols originate?

Dream psychologist Carl Gustav Jung stated it most succinctly when he said that ‘religious symbols are phenomena of life – plain facts, and not intellectual opinions’.

And how did Jung discover all this?

By ‘dreaming’.

‘Dreaming’ enabled him to connect to the Collective Unconscious – the source of all wisdom.

'Dreaming' was what transformed him from an ordinary man into The Alchemist.

This book contains a message of incalculable value for all of Mankind. It affects you and everyone around you.

Read it.













Etienne Unleashed

Posted by Etienne Smit on December 28, 2012 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

WOW! I have a new website! What a fantastic sensation!

My first book, and after my son, another extension of me unleashed.

It took a long time to produce this, my other child - years and years of careful nurturing and brain cell burning, tweaking and adjusting to hone it to its final polished chrome lustre. I cared for it like I would have a bonsai, soared like a fruit bat on the crest of the high it produced in writing it, trimming and pruning and struggling with it through its delinquent phases, cajoling it along with patience and at times, despair, but always loving it and the whole insane process of writing with a level of intensity that frequently astonished me.

Now that it’s finally been coaxed to dazzling maturity, it has ventured forth boldly out into the wonderful wide world from its new home at, leaving me bereft, yet breathless and excited, a crazy proud parent. I'm brimming with a brand of skyrocket bursting excitement that I’ve never before experienced!

If you're into experiencing that same intensity, and if the kind of subject matter that I've written about interests you, I cordially invite you to go to the Home page, click on Amazon and check out the first chapter and a half. And if you love it enough, perhaps even tell me on Twitter, or leave a review on Amazon, or on Facebook, or all of the above.

Can’t wait for your responses.

With my best wishes



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